Why Should Older Women Cut Their Hair and Dye Gray Tresses?
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Why Should Older Women Cut Their Hair and Dye Gray Tresses?

Women from the older generation are staying younger for longer. They no-longer need to dye their grey hair or have it cut short, or wear twin sets and pearls.

If you are from my generation you will remember how your grandmother and her friends, or at least other mature women from her era, used to have short, permed hair with a gray/blue rinse. It wasn’t a peculiar sight to see rows of old ladies with bluish curls sticking out from under their head scarves on windy days. Oh boy they looked ancient to me then.

Now women of a similar age look about twenty years younger because they still see their hair as an asset, rather than something to put up with and keep low maintenance. There’s no reason why mature women have to cut their hair short and dye it these days.

There are great hairstyles for women as they age now, and many of them are long, or super short, textured and jagged. Instead of soft, neat curls firmly placed close to the scalp, older women have loose feminine curls, or a sleek shiny bob. At last, age discrimination doesn’t go hand in hand with hairstyles and haircuts.

Nor does age discrimination have so much to do with fashion. The same old ladies who had short, permed blue rinses used to wear twin sets and pearls. This comprised of a light viscose top and matching cardigan and pearl necklace. They wore woollen skirts and sensible, comfortable brown shoes and tights in American tan with a strong gusset.

Luckily this old lady uniform isn’t a prerequisite of getting old any more. Ladies of the same age today wear sophisticated layers, flowing fabrics and suits. They wear jeans and tee shirts, beautiful dresses and whatever else takes their fancy, and they look better for it.

When the old lady uniform was in vogue this was accompanied by a shiny patent handbag which looked similar to the one the queen of England carries. Luckily she can still get away with it. Other women of a certain age today aren’t restricted to shiny patent bags, and nor do they feel that they must wear Devon Violet perfume or Tweed like women used to.

The scents older women wear today are sensual and delicious, rather than strictly floral and sticky sweet. There have been many, once trendy, garments and fashions which have happily been abandoned as women embrace a new lease of life which lasts far longer than it used to.

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Comments (5)
Ranked #3 in Style Tips

You have some great wisdom in this well presented article.Promoted.

Great article! When I was a kid, I didn't want to get old because I'd have to dress up all the time. That didn't happen, now it's strictly jeans and t shirts!

Ranked #1 in Style Tips

When I was a kid I just never thought I'd grow up. The older people were from another planet entirely! Thanks for the great comments

Well I'm 55 and am still naturally blonde. I don't feel bound by stereotypes. But I love my floral perfumes...why? Because I always did and they suit my personality. I also like sensible shoes...largely because I like to be able to scramble over gates or run up stairs.

So as long as a woman wants to wear newer fashions that is cool...and if she actually likes wearing a twinset that should be cool too. Its about being happy with who you are and getting on with your life at the end of the day.

Not sure of the point in this article . What do you mean by " Staying young older"?

What generation exactly are you ? I find this out of date in content and was hoping women were more sophisticated as a result of magizines and the news..

Glad you posted ,

Perhaps your generation