The Secret Circle Fashion: Faye Chamberlain Style
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The Secret Circle Fashion: Faye Chamberlain Style

This article looks at how the character Faye Chamberlain, from The Secret Circle, dresses.

The Secret Circle is a T.V show about a group of high school students, who live in Chance Harbor. However, unlike a regular teen drama the show has a twist, the teens are not just your average students, they have the ability to perform witchcraft. The show not only offers a little mystery, but some interesting viewing when it comes to fashion. This article looks at one of the main characters, Faye Chamberlain’s, style.

Faye Chamberlain is one of the more rebellious members of the Secret Circle. Unlike some of her counterparts she embraces her ability to perform witchcraft and isn’t afraid to look into the dark side of witchcraft. In fact, she nearly kills a fellow classmate before she sees that she could be taking things a bit too far. Her fashion choices mirror her personality and behavior. In that they are darker and stormier than characters like Cassie Blake and Diana Meade.

Faye Chamberlain’s key looks:

Dark eyeliner

Faye’s eyes are typically always outlined in dark eyeliner. Sometimes she pairs this with a smoky eye look which really creates a sultry appearance.

A Leather jacket

Faye often wears a leather jacket. Many of the styles she has been shown in have a motorcycle feel, with zips and pockets. This gives her appearance an edgy feel. If you want to toughen up an outfit, a leather jacket can provide the perfect solution.

Nail polish in deep shades

On many episodes Faye’s nails have been painted in deep shades.

Sleek hair

Faye tends to wear her hair in a fairly controlled manner. She has been shown wearing it in a sleekly pulled back ponytail, out and straight, and in a bun. This helps emphasize the fact that she is the type of person who likes to stay in control of things.

Ankle boots

Faye often favors a pair of ankle boots, or booties. She was shown wearing them to the dance with black slim fitting pants and on the pier when she tries to make a storm much more violent.

Short skirts or dresses

Faye often wears skirts and dresses well above knee height, which project a sexy vibe. Some examples include; a short black pleated skirt, and a short Burgundy colored dress.

Skinny leg pants

When Faye wears pants they tend to be of the figure hugging variety, such as leggings.

Dark colored clothing

Overall, most of the clothing Faye wears is dark in color. She tends to wear colors like Black, Burgundy and Gray. The dark clothing, nails, eyeliner and boots all combine to create an almost literal modern day witch appearance. Also note that she sometimes wears pendants or rings that create an oculist feel. 

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