How to Look Like Lemon Breeland from Hart of Dixie
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How to Look Like Lemon Breeland from Hart of Dixie

This article looks at five quick and easy ways to look like Lemon Breeland from Hart of Dixie.

Hart of Dixie is a new television series that has recently been nominated for a People’s choice award. The show centers on a young female doctor named Zoe Hart, who relocates from New York to a small southern town called Bluebell. Upon arriving in Bluebell, Zoe quickly makes an enemy out of the town’s modern day southern belle, Lemon Breeland, played by Jamie King.

Lemon Breeland is the opposite of Zoe Hart in many ways and her look reflects this. She dresses in a highly feminine manner that is quite traditional. In fact, when we are first introduced to Lemon on the show, she is dressed in pre-civil war style attire. If you like this look, there are several ways to look like Lemon Breeland. This article looks at five quick and easy ways to inject a little Lemon Breeland into your appearance.

Five quick and easy ways to look like Lemon Breeland:

1. Pop a flower in your hair

Lemon often accentuates her look with a flower in her hair. It typically matches the color she is wearing on top. For example, if she is wearing a yellow cardigan she will match it with a yellow flower. In general, her look is very traditional, in that everything matches quite precisely. You will find affordable flower hair clips at chain stores like Forever 21, or you could buy a flower from a craft/sewing store and add a hairclip to the back.

2. Wear Ladylike dresses

Lemon often favors a floral ladylike dress. She generally chooses more modest styles that reach knee length or below. On the show when her sister Magnolia wears a short strapless dress she begs her to return it, because it is too immodest. 

3. Cover up with a Cardigan

Lemon’s choice of cover up is usually a feminine cardigan. She often chooses styles that have some form of decorative touch like frills or beading. Pop your cardigan over a ladylike dress and pair it with a pair of heels and you will have a very Lemon Breeland style look.

4. Go glamorous with your make up

Lemon always looks well put together and part of this is the result of flawless make up. She often wears red lipstick and has well defined eyelashes. To achieve this full, fluttery lash look you could try eyelash extensions. You can have semi-permanent eyelash extensions applied in a beauty salon, or learn to apply your own.

5. Curl your hair

Another thing that makes Lemon look well put together is her carefully curled hair. To achieve this look try heated hair curlers. Think smooth, controlled curls on the ends of the hair.


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